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I have always been someone who did sports and I enjoy it. I was playing football and martial arts all the time and it was just my life as soon as I entered the gym and started to train and feeling the result. It’s different from playing in a team… you learn more about yourself and you know how much hard work you need to put in to get the results. It’s about the passion. You Can achieve anything you want. I’m able to live with passion and just do what I want to do and help people at the same time. My goal now is just to share and inspire people to do the same because as soon as everyone is able to do that I just feel like it would be a better world and I think we all deserve to be happy.

Many times in my life I’ve stopped dreaming about it. At some point along the way we just feel like we should forget it maybe too many things happen. There are people like you, who need to figure it out what you want to do and how.

Never stop dreaming” for me means always going for it and always giving it 100% to do what you truly want to do. I think when you’re connected with other people who have the same mindset as you then you make progress even more.

We always have the opportunity to do it. We’re still here we’re still breathing. The perfect opportunity is now! Just give everything that you have because you have only one chance – this is your only chance it’s just right here right now.

So just do it now!

Dawid ^^